We get it—flossing is hard–especially for tiny mouths and fingers. Here are a few ways to make flossing fun and easy for your children.

  • Make it a family routine

Create some excitement by flossing together. Show your child how you floss and encourage them to do the same. Make your oral care routine a special, shared time before bed.

  •  Let your kids choose their floss

Let your child choose the flavor and color of their favorite floss, or try a waterpik. Waterpiks are easier for children to use and more effective in removing plaque.

Be sure to purchase kid-friendly flossers that are designed for small, sensitive mouths. Kids tend to shy away from flossing because it may cause discomfort. It is key to make sure that your kids have a positive association with flossing

  • Create a reward system using a chart

Set up a calendar in the bathroom and have your child place a sticker on each day that they floss. Encourage them with incentives, like small gifts, games and family outings.

  • Make it a game: Turn up the music!

Make flossing fun by putting on a fun song, like “Firework” by Katy Perry. Create a bathroom dance party that encourages a healthy oral routine.  

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