Have you ever pulled out a tooth? The old, “string a ‘wiggler’ to a door” method might be what our grandparents did, but can cause damage to the mouth.

Pulling out a tooth prematurely can cause soft tissue damage, bleeding, pain or discomfort, and increase the risk of infection.

When a tooth is loose that generally does not mean that a new permanent tooth is ready to take its place. Your child may have knocked it loose by falling or playing in sports. In that case, it would be best to see your local dentist to make sure the gum line has not been damaged and no infections have occurred.

Overall, it is best not to force out baby teeth, but to let your child wiggle the tooth gently, on their own. This allows the tooth to come out naturally and not run the risk of damage.

A good tip to gradually loosen the tooth is to have your child eat hard foods. Try whole apples,  carrots or other firm foods.

If a loose tooth takes a while to fall out on its own, or if it appears infected, consult your dentist to see if the tooth should be pulled.

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