Happy New Year! As families soak up the last bit of winter vacation, we have some ideas to get your child excited for the spring semester.

Make a Checklist:

Are you a list maker? Is your child motivated by organization and award systems? Make a school checklist to encourage love for education. Build a “homework task sheet” with stickers, paints, and other fun art supplies. Add family activities and small rewards throughout the semester. Make homework fun with a visual display of accomplishment.

New School supplies:

Throw out those beat-up binders and shop for new supplies this semester! Organization, cleanliness and excitement is key. New supplies = new attitude.   

Join a Team:

The new year means a new season of sports and clubs. Review your child’s school newsletter for activity announcements. Extracurricular activities encourage interpersonal skills, responsibility and commitment. With new teammates comes new friends and a renewed sense of motivation.

Make a Game Out of Studying:

Instead of staring at words and math problems, teach kids how to have fun with them. Turn spelling assignments into living room gameshows, or math problems into friendly time races against parents. Use flashcards, songs or clapping games to build memory, and enjoy time spent together.

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