Children’s Dental Fillings

Over the past 40+ years, we’ve worked with thousands of children to help fix teeth and fill cavities, and we do it in a fun and enjoyable way. We love our young patients and understand the stress that fillings can cause children and parents. So, we focus on everyone’s needs before we even get started with the tooth cavity filling procedure. We explain the process in age-appropriate terms to ensure their relaxation and comfort. Therefore, there is no need to prep them at home prior to their appointment.

Read how a composite filling can be used to restore a damaged front tooth to its natural strength and appearance.

Our next step is to care for your fears and anxieties. That’s right, often times it is the parents who are more nervous than our pediatric dental patients! Our tip is to stay positive! Our doctors and team also pride themselves on making sure that parents fully understand their child’s dental condition before proceeding with any treatment. The goal of our practice is to provide the best possible experience for your child, and we always appreciate your trust and confidence in us.

We try to provide the most aesthetic outcome for your child’s dental needs. We use tooth-colored fillings where they are appropriate. Ask your dentist for the possible options.

Come and find out why families love Champagne Pediatric Dentistry!

See how an amalgam filling, also known as a “silver” filling, restores a tooth to its natural shape and function.

View this video to see the benefits and differences between composite and amalgam fillings to repair decay from cavities.

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