Stainless Steel & White Crowns

As a pediatric dental practice, we do everything we can to ensure your child has the healthiest smile possible.

Sometimes when decay from a cavity goes too far, putting in a children’s crown is the best option for restoring the tooth. This is the protection your child will need to ensure he or she is pain free and protected from infections and more serious concerns.

As children’s dentistry advances, we gain new tools and techniques to accomplish the health benefits of dental work as well as the aesthetic benefits. Advanced technology allows us to offer both stainless steel crowns and white crowns (where appropriate) to better serve you and your family.

Not sure which is best? Don’t worry! Contact Champagne Pediatric Dentistry today and get the answers to all of your children’s dentist questions, including whether or not you should get stainless steel crowns or white crowns for your child.

Find out why we are considered one of the best children’s dentists in Sparks and Reno, NV. We look forward to caring for you and your family.

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Not sure if you can afford dental exams and dental work for your children? Don’t worry! We offer a membership program to make taking care of your children’s dental exams and dental work affordable for any family.

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